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Month: November 2017

Four Tips for Servicing your Domestic Solar Thermal System

Solar thermal heating systems or solar heating systems use sunlight to heat solar collectors or panels. The heat from the heating elements then heats water in a cylinder, giving you warm water. Regular solar thermal servicing can extend the life of solar water heating system, saving you time and money.

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An image of a an engineer fixing common boiler problems.

It isn’t typically until something goes wrong with your boiler that you really pay attention to it. It is not uncommon for boilers to suffer a fault during the winter period when they are first turned on after months of being out of use. In the latest blog post by EGP Plumbers, we take a look at the most common boiler problems you can face and what may be causing them.
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An image of a gas safe registered plumber carrying out a boiler service.

We realize that most people are unaware of what actually happens when their boiler has a service. It must just look like a man stood in a cupboard making some noise. 

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