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  • What does an annual boiler service include?

    Our team of engineers check your boiler and repair / replace any parts where necessary
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The Importance of an Annual Boiler Service...
  • Maintain optimum performance from your boiler and system
  • Keep your heating system running as efficiently as possible
  • A regularly serviced boiler saves you money on energy bills

“A thorough annual boiler check only takes 30 to 60 minutes, but can be longer if repairs or replacements are required….”

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Boiler Servicing

At East Goscote Plumbers, we recommend an annual maintenance plan for your boiler for three important reasons: safety, reliability, and cost savings. Boilers can develop leaks that allow lethal carbon monoxide fumes into your home. With regular maintenance, EPG Plumbers can ensure that never happens to you.

Our engineers have a brief talk with you to find out the problems you have experienced. A visual inspection of the boiler area, the boiler itself, and all the pipes is the actioned. We do this to make sure the boiler complies with all the current safety regulations, and there is no corrosion that can lead to leaks.

Our Annual Boiler Service...

Annual boiler servicing allows us to catch any problems before they result in a break down that can leave your family shivering in the cold, literally. As for savings, annual boiler servicing keeps your boiler whistle clean and combusting efficiently. That means your boiler is not going to develop problems that result in costly repairs and also will increase the life of your boiler. Finally, a well-serviced boiler will burn less fuel and that translates into savings on energy costs.

The Benefits of Annual Boiler Services
  • Reduce your energy bills and save money
  • Regular servicing prolongs the life of your boiler
  • Keep your system running as efficient as possible
  • All vital parts are checked and thoroughly cleaned
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