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  • Why changing to a condensing boiler can save you money?

    Find out the reasons why you should change your current boiler to a modern condensing boiler
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Changing your boiler is easy...
  • Our experts provide all the information you need to meet your requirements
  • We dispose of your old boiler for you, leaving your property tidy
  • Engineers will show you how to correctly work your new system

“Our experts work closely with you to ensure your new condensing boiler is correct for your property…”

Oil Boilers

Condensing oil boilers are used in oil-fired central heating systems and offer a number of advantages over older boilers. Often, this is at little or no extra cost, thanks to recent advances in heating technology and production techniques.

From the oil tank or reservoir, the heating oil feeds into the burner, where it heats the heat exchanger via a series of baffles, and in turn, heats up radiators and the hot water supply system (when selected). Modern condensing boilers are able to also extract most of the waste heat and use it as beneficially as possible to further feedback into the system. Conversely, in older systems, all these exhaust gases simply escaped to the outside environment.

We work across many areas including, Leicester, Loughborough, Lutterworth, Hinckley, Market Harbough, Melton Mowbray and Oakham.

How Condensing Boilers Work...

Condensing oil boilers always operate more efficiently than the non-condensing type, due to their larger and more efficient heat exchangers. They achieve a remarkable level of combustion efficiency – typically more than ninety per cent. This process also produces a small amount of water condensate and mist, which either evaporates externally or is drained away. The entire process is more environmentally friendly, reducing wastage and keeping heating bills lower.

The Benefits of Condensing Boilers
  • Reduce your energy bills, saving you money
  • Space saving; as no hot water tank is required
  • Cut your carbon footprint with no wasted energy
  • No controls needed, hot water on demand
Why Choose Condensing Boilers?

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