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  • Improve the heating in your home with programmers & controls

    Setting the time of day you need your heating turning on and off will save you money
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Setup is simple...
  • We discuss all of the products available to you that you will need
  • Wireless thermostats means no cables and quicker installation process
  • Our team of engineers will show you how to correctly work your new system

“Controlling the temperature of your property is easy, it is possible to setup your system to turn the heating off when no-ones home; smart, simple and saving you money!”

Heating Programmers & Controls

An image of the Worcester Bosch group logoA programmer lets the homeowner control their boiler separately from the hot water tank. This is a way of having more control of the use of the heating and the hot water systems allows you to use your boiler far more efficiently and will ultimately reduce your heating bills.

We have several programmers that will suit your individual requirements, starting at the ACL LP112 which is a simple programmer and going up to the ACL LP722 which offers much more advanced options. We also use other multi-channel programmers from any other specified brands.

How can controls help my home?

More and more households in the UK are turning to heating controls and programmers to adjust the temperatures within their homes. The installation of thermostatic radiator valves now gives individual control of the temperature within each room of the property.

By allowing the user to choose what times of day the boiler will be most used, cuts down on energy being wasted and saves you money.

The Benefits of Programmers & Controls
  • Keeps your home staying at the temperature you like
  • Heat only parts of your property, not every room
  • Controls the heating so it turns off when you're out
  • Saves energy and limits use of excessive fuel consumption
Why Install Programmers & Controls?

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