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Having Issues with Your Boiler?

Now the weather is starting to turn colder, you may be about to turn on your heating system for the first time in a while. There are various issues that can occur with a boiler, and in our latest post, we discuss the most common issues.

Leaking or Dripping Boiler

If you notice that your boiler has a leak you should never attempt to fix the issue yourself, and should instead call a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

A leak may occur due to a broken internal component such as a pump seal or pressure valve. In cases where the leak is coming from the pressure valve, the pressure may be too high. In cases where the leak is coming from a seal, it may be that the seal needs replacing.

Strange Noises

Our homes tend to make a variety of sounds, from the whir of different appliances to creaking floor boards and ceilings. However, if your begins making strange noises, there may be a fault.

Air in the systems is a common cause of noises in the boiler, however, it may also signify that the water pressure is too low. The type of noise your boiler is making will often give an experienced engineer an idea of what the issue is.

Pilot Light Goes Out

If your pilot light goes out, you should check that there are no issues with your gas supply, before attempting to reignite the pilot light – if none of your other gas appliances are working, you should call your supplier.

Otherwise, the issue could be caused by a broken thermocouple, a draught blowing out the pilot light or a deposit build-up on the light.

You should never attempt to carry out any work on your boiler yourself and always call out a Gas Safe registered engineer if there is a problem.

EGP Plumbers

Here at EGP Plumbers, we have a team of Gas Safe Registered engineers that carry out boiler installations, servicing and repairs.

If your boiler has suffered a breakdown and you require the help of our dedicated team, please call today on 0116 264 5115.

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