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Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning System Servicing

Air conditioning can help make your home more comfortable during the summer heat, while also keeping the air indoors clean and free of pollen and dust. Regular servicing is the best way to ensure that an air conditioning system works reliably all year round. The benefits of servicing your air conditioning system include:

  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Better air quality.
  • Extended lifespan.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Cool, comfortable summers.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Over time, a build up of dirt and dust in the filters can cause an air conditioning system to work less efficiently, which in turn can waste energy. Servicing will ensure that your AC is working as efficiently as possible, cutting down on energy wastage and preventing unnecessarily high bills.

Reduced Costs

As well as being costly to run, an AC system that isn’t working efficiently is more at risk of a fault or breakdown – meaning you may have to fork out on expensive repairs. 

Regular servicing will enable any minor faults to be found and fixed before they develop into more expensive problems. Keeping your air con working efficiently will also help you avoid paying more than you should for your energy bills.

Better Air Quality

Air conditioning can improve indoor air quality by filtering out dust, pollen, and other allergens. To ensure this continues working, it’s important to keep the filters inside the unit clean and free of dust and debris.

To check if an AC unit needs cleaning, open the front panel and inspect the filter. If it is full of dust, your air conditioning won’t be effectively cleaning the air inside your home, and the filter needs cleaning. An air con service will include thoroughly cleaning the filters as standard.

Extended Lifespan

Servicing can also extend the lifespan of your system, meaning you get a better return on investment from your air conditioning installation. Regular servicing will reduce the likelihood of faults which could impact the durability of your air con system and is essential if you want reliable air conditioning for many years to come.

Peace of Mind

By filtering pollen and allergens out of the air, your air conditioning system can help create a healthier environment for you and your family, particularly if you suffer from allergies. 

Poor air quality can be a contributing factor in a wide variety of health problems, including respiratory conditions like ​​asthma, so investing in regular air con servicing will give you the peace of mind that your loved ones are protected.

Cool, Comfortable Summers

As our changing climate makes extreme summertime temperatures the norm, it’s harder than ever to stay cool in the summer months. Investing in an air conditioning system will allow you to stay happy and healthy as the mercury rises, and regular servicing is the secret to enjoying summer after summer of cooling AC.

Signs an Air Con Service Might Be Due

If you spot any of the following, it might be time to book an air conditioning service:

  • Lack of cool air or poor airflow.
  • Increased pollen or dust.
  • Unit has become noisier.
  • Stale odour.
  • Unusually high energy bills.
  • More than a year since the last service.

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