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Creative Bathroom Inspiration for Your Home

At EGP Plumbers, we know the difference a new bathroom installation can make to not only the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also the value of the entire property.

We pride ourselves on our professional service and listen to our customers to ensure we create a space that reflects both their personal taste, as well as the atmosphere they would like to create in their bathroom.

The bathroom of a home is a very personal space, so it is imperative that the correct design decision is made.

If you feel a little stuck with your interior space, keep reading for some bathroom inspiration.

Traditional Bathroom Inspiration

There are a wide variety of benefits to installing a traditional bathroom. A vintage style has become increasingly popular in recent years, and ties in well with many home styles. Traditional styles lend themselves to both small and large spaces and their timeless style ensures they never feel “out of fashion.” Traditional bathrooms can still accommodate the latest technologies, whilst staying true to the Victorian era that they typically emulate.

Contemporary Bathroom Inspiration

Contemporary styles are typically minimalist and work particularly well for those that would like to avoid accessorising their space, or for small spaces that can easily feel cluttered. Contemporary bathrooms do not have to be expensive, but their clean lines and reflective surfaces often add a glamorous edge to a space. Modern features installed into a contemporary bathroom can ensure the space is practical whilst still maintaining visual appeal.

Luxury Bathroom Inspiration

Luxury bathrooms can incorporate a wide variety of technical features such as jet streams, sensors and whirlpool baths. Luxury bathrooms are typically designed to heighten your sense of well-being, and the knowledgeable team at EGP Plumbers can guide you towards a range of features that will suit the space.

We pride ourselves on working closely with each of our customers to ensure we create a space that is in line with their requirements and budget. Contact our team today to see how we can help you.

Creative Bathroom Inspiration for Your Home
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