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The latest Small Bathroom Designs

Small bathrooms can sometimes be given a little bit of stick for their size. However, the size of the space you have available doesn’t have to minimise your style options. In the latest blog post by EGP Plumbers, we take a look at the latest small bathroom designs and offer some tips to make the most of your bathroom.

Small Bathroom Storage

We tend to have a lot of products to store in our bathrooms, but if you don’t have a lot of surfaces available, it can be difficult to have all your goods to hand, without making the space feel cluttered or smaller than it actually is.

Instead of squashing everything away into small cabinets and being afraid of multiple items making a break for it as soon as you open the doors, consider using open storage options. Open storage does require you to keep your space tidy, as all your belongings are on show, however, the visual appeal they offer can offer a great incentive for this.

Consider using sleek floating shelves or vintage ladders to hold your colourful, fluffy towels. Such items make statement features that are also practical for quick, everyday use.


When you have a small space, it is important to ensure that it remains highly functional. The latest small bathroom designs strike the elusive balance between style and functionality. Store items such as cotton wool in glass jars or wicker storage boxes.

Consider Your Colours Carefully

In the past, we have been limited to either matte or gloss paint finishes. However, many DIY stores are now selling what is often known as “light and space paint”, which features finely milled light reflecting pigments in a bid to make the space feel bigger.

Neutral tones are the natural option for small rooms, and serve to keep a relaxed vibe. However, pops of colour can be added in accessories to add vibrancy and personality.

Here at EGP Plumbers, we can provide advice on the latest small bathroom designs and have been helping individuals create their perfect bathroom design for many years. If you would like more information on our services, contact us today. Please call 0116 264 5115 or use our online contact form.

The latest Small Bathroom Designs
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